Common nails are generally used in the construction industry to connect or fix wooden products together. They are produced from low carbon steel. It is produced in three types: 6, 8 and 10 of lengths and is packaged in 25 kg boxes.

General Properties

Raw Material:
Low Carbon Steel Wire Rod
Tensile Strength:
700 – 900 N/mm²
2,2 mm – 4,2 mm
60 mm – 80 mm – 100 mm
25 Kg Cardboard box

Areas of Usage and Sectors:

  • In agricultural applications, cast nails are used in the construction of garden structures, vegetable gardens and farms.
  • Common nails are used in the construction industry to fasten or fix wooden frames, carriers, floors and other structural elements. Cast nails are used in fixing roof coverings and joining roof frames.
  • Common nails are used to assemble wooden pieces together in furniture making. They are frequently used especially in the production of quality furniture. Common nails are frequently used in the installation of door and window frames.
  • Wooden packaging materials are assembled using cast nails.

Sectors Used

Product types:

  • 6′ Construction Nails
  • 8′ Construction Nails
  • 10′ Construction Nails