Annealed Steel Wire


Annealed steel wire is a type of steel wire produced by subjecting steel wire to an annealing process. It has a soft and flexible structure, therefore it is used in many different sectors.

General Properties

Raw Material:
Low Carbon Steel Wire Rod
Wire Diameter:
0,90 mm – 4,00 mm
Tensile Strength:
320-400 N/mm²
Rozet Kangal
5 kg – 750 kg

Areas of Usage and Sectors:

  • Annealed wire is used for general purpose connection in the construction industry.
  • It is used in the reinforcement of concrete structures such as buildings, bridges and highways.
  • It is used as a connection material for roof tiles and roof tiles.
  • As baling wire, it is used for baling waste materials such as pet, nylon, cardboard and paper in the recycling sector and straw in the agricultural sector.

Sectors Used