Galvanized Wire


Galvanized wire is a type of wire obtained by passing steel wire through the zinc coating process. This plating process prevents rust and corrosion of the wire by coating the surface of the steel with zinc. In this way, it increases the durability of the wire.

General Properties

Raw Material:
Low Carbon Steel Wire Rod
1.40 mm – 7.80 mm
Tensile Strength:
Soft or Hard Grade (400 – 850 N/mm2)
Hot-Dip Galvanized (50 – 290 gr/m2)
Rosette Coil
Coil Weight:
250 kg – 750 kg

Technical Information Sheet:

Areas of Usage and Sectors:

  • Galvanized wire is used in concrete reinforcement, fencing and general wire mesh products
  • In the automotive industry, it is used in various parts and components
  • It is used in fencing and other applications
  • Used for wiring and cable
  • Used for boat rigging and anchoring
  • Galvanized wire is used to fix packaging materials.
  • Galvanized wire is used to sift and filter materials in mining

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